The restaurant

Ristorante Parco Sardegna in miniatura

For info and reservations:

370 135 70 35

In our restaurant is available the à la carte menu and the proposals of fixed menu of land and sea

Possibility of vegetarian menus and gluten-free dishes

Ground menu proposal: Euro 20.00

Malloreddus alla Campidanese

Roasted pork chop

Seasonal side dish

Water, house wine and coffee

Earth Menu proposal: Euro 25.00

Ravioli di ricotta della cuoca

Stewed lamb flavored with myrtle ..or

Vernaccia meat skewer

Seasonal side dish

Water, house wine and coffee

Seafood menu proposal: Euro 27.00

Swordfish penne

Fried Shrimp and Squid

Mixed vegetable side dish

Water, house wine and coffee


  Family PACKAGE (including lunch and all visits)

€  38,00 – Adults*        

€  28,00 – Children** (from one meter to eleven years)

€  10,00 – Children not paying entrance (under one meter in height)     

   The proposal, which develops throughout the day, includes access to all sections of the Sardinia park in miniature, including the Astronomy museum and the projection to the Planetarium, the Dinosaur park with the Ice Age section and the 2020 novelty of the Dinosaur cubs and the new Nature Park with the Biosphere, tropical aquariums and restaurant lunch with the & nbsp; menus proposed for adults and children  :                     

*Adult menu: Malloreddus alla campidanese, second course of the day, side dish, 1/2 water or 1/4 house wine;

**Children’s menu: Pasta with tomato, spinach, french fries, water or soft drink;

The ADULTS / CHILDREN proposals, on request, can be modified for Vegetarians and Celiacs

IThe Snak-Bar Service is always available, with a choice of sandwiches, pizzas, focaccias, etc.