The Astronomy Museum

In Sardinia the structure INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari is the only scientific reality where research activity is developed in the sectors of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The Science Center created with the Museum of Astronomy and & nbsp; Planetarium of Sardinia of Tuili represent the only regional reality, and one of the very few at national level, which offers a thematic path of high educational-popular level dedicated to astronomy and astrophysics. The path of the Museum of Astronomy develops along a path of about 80 linear meters, through various macro-sections, some of which are delimited and obscured to ensure better usability. Various issues are addressed, from the evolution of the Universe to the system solar, up to astrobiology and meteorites. The area dedicated to gravity has a particular effect, where there are scales that simulate the gravity of the moon and Mars, allowing visitors to compare their weight compared to that on earth.

A unique opportunity therefore to be able to see and touch the wonders of the universe and what man has been able to do in the field of conquering space.
The guided tour organized by modules thematic is managed by specially trained qualified operators who will interact with visitors. The Museum of Astronomy of Sardinia in miniature is a fascinating and enthralling journey to discover the Universe, created with the collaboration of the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari (structure of the National Institute of Astrophysics) the scientific consultancy of the Science Laboratory company .
The museum itinerary is enriched with original finds, technological reconstructions, exhibition on gravity, the observation of celestial bodies, meteorites, the space suit and food of the astronaut, the reconstruction of the soil of the Moon and Mars, satellites artificial and launchers, with guided tours that allow easy reading and knowledge of the mysteries of the Universe.