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Visit to the Nature Park

The educational itineraries of our Park are the central element of our activity and research. In twenty years the offer, besides varying in content, has developed in the various popular approaches and in the careful training of the guides that animate it.

Paths are planned for every school and every age of the students with particular attention to the relationship with the teachers’ body and the participation of the parents themselves.

“Nature park” the new educational path of Sardinia in miniature

An oasis in the oasis, inside the miniature Sardinia park, inside a lamellar structure & nbsp; with large glass surfaces of almost 1,000 square meters, it will be possible to conduct a journey in a real tropical forest, to discover animal and plant species with unexpected shapes and colors. The “NATURE PARK” will allow you to live a unique experience of education in environmental sustainability, accompanying the charm of nature with direct learning of the delicate balances that govern coexistence in our planet. The path, after a brief introduction to the theme, modulated according to the age of the children, will immediately enter into life with the presentation of the great biosphere , where Chameleons, Iguanas, turtles, frogs from bright colors, giant insects with unexpected shapes, will frame a path that will help awaken our ecological awareness and awareness of how important it is to defend and protect the Earth ecosystem. Continuing along the path we would find ourselves literally immersed in the section of large aquariums where we could admire the reproduction of a rainforest river through an underwater tunnel, unique in Sardinia, a privileged position for observing behavior of the fauna that populate these rivers, we would continue with the large sturgeon basin 7 meters long .. and then find ourselves in front of the feared piranha ..


For the first time in Sardinia an extraordinary journey with the Dinosaurs that thanks to sophisticated animatronic techniques are able to move, breathe, observe, roar … in short, live! The opportunity therefore to be able to retrace the scenarios of 250 million years ago to discover these incredible prehistoric giants, the most mysterious and fascinating animals in the history of evolution reproduced on a natural scale and with scientific rigor thanks to the advice & nbsp; of illustrious paleontologists. In a frame full of suggestions, we can admire the mighty bulk of the Apatosaurus with its 18 meters in length and gradually & nbsp; throughout an evolutionary span of 250 million years, the species that captured our curiosity up to the mighty and ferocious Tirannosaurus-rex also reproduced with life-size animatronic techniques, larger than a bus with the its 14 meters long and the 7 tons of weight that transformed it into absolute & nbsp; in the most fearsome hunter of the Jurassic.

The extraordinary section of the Ice Age will complete the tour with the full-size reproduction of two specimens of Mammoth … including the mammoth Sungari, five and a half meters high and & nbsp; ten long, and still the saber-toothed tiger, the dodo, the woolly rhinoceros, the megalonix and the Cronopio dentiacutus .. inserted in a truly glacial setting!



Museo dell'Astronomia

Made with collaboration and scientific advice of the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari, the museum represents a unicum in Sardinia, developing a path through which you can retrace the history of the universe from its birth, 14 billion years ago, up to the present day. Along the way you will be able to admire museum reproductions of launchers, the first artificial satellite, the astronaut’s suit, a collection of meteorites without neglecting the direct interaction with the scales that simulate the gravity with which the boys will know their weight on the moon and on mars. The astronomical path then continues in the great & nbsp; digital planetarium where as if by magic we plunge into the starry sky in an exciting journey to the edge of our known universe.

The Sardinia in Miniature Park: an integrated scientific dissemination center dedicated to teaching

Thanks to the activities proposed by the Park in recent years, assisted by leading research bodies such as Sardinia research, CRS4, the National Institute of Astrophysics with the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari and by companies specialized in scientific dissemination such as Laboratory sciences, it was possible to create a set of cultural and educational proposals that could constitute the backbone of a real & nbsp; pole of scientific dissemination. & nbsp;

 Also for the school year 2020, the Sardinia park in miniature & nbsp; offers a wide range of educational activities divided into several always updated thematic strands & nbsp; in the contents and support tools also in light of the new discoveries and observations in the naturalistic and astronomical field:

  • Il Miniature park, Reconstruction of a nuragic village from the iron period, Botanical path
  • The new “PARCO NATURA” course: 200,000 liters of aquariums with the underwater tunnel, unique in Sardinia, a real tropical forest, animated from the presence of amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects with surprising mimicry
  • The world of Astronomy with the most important Museum and Planetarium in Italy
  • Ithe large PARK OF DINOSAURS with the section of the GLACIAL ERA and the novelty “Dinosaur Cubs 2020” among the most important in Italy;

As always, all the proposed activities will be interactive and modulated according to the age classes, always keeping in mind that & nbsp; concrete experiences raise questions and curiosities, and facilitate learning.