Nature park

Tropical forest and Aquarium

An oasis in the oasis, inside the miniature Sardinia park, inside a lamellar structure with large glass surfaces of almost 1,000 square meters, it will be possible to conduct a journey in a real tropical forest, to discover animal species and vegetables with unexpected shapes and colors. The “NATURE PARK” will allow you to live a unique experience of education in environmental sustainability, accompanying the charm of nature with direct learning of the delicate balances that govern coexistence on our planet. The path, after a brief introduction to the theme, will immediately enter the heart of the biosphere section with its lush tropical forest and then continue with the large aquariums where we could literally immerse ourselves in a rainforest river through an underwater tunnel, unique in Sardinia , a privileged position for observing the behavior of the fauna that populate these rivers …, A large indoor area in contact with nature where fish, chameleons, iguanas, turtles, brightly colored frogs, giant insects with unexpected shapes, they will frame a path that will help awaken our ecological awareness and awareness of how important it is to defend and protect the Earth ecosystem.

Grande vasca delle carpe Koj con cascata. I pesci interagiscono con i visitatori regalando una esperienza unica sopratutto ai bambini.

Il primo acquario a tunnel della sardegna