Miniature Park

The Sardinia in Miniature park inaugurated in 1999, embodies important geomorphological, historical and architectural aspects of our island. Its location is particularly happy as it is located in the valley below the Giara di Tuili, one kilometer from the Nuragic village “Su Nuraxi” of Barumini. The park is spread over an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters. inside which inserted the reproduction of Sardinia in Miniature containing along a path that develops for about 360 meters, the scale representation of the most representative monuments of our island. The construction with scientific rigor, the preciousness of the materials, the manual workmanship of the details and the wise use of the colors make the miniatures exhibited real works of art. True historical treasures that make the image of what our splendid island offers. The path, fully accessible to the disabled also in wheelchairs, is also equipped with multilingual self-guide buttons to make the sites represented more usable, also in a didactic key.

Percorso a piedi nel Parco delle miniature