Dinosaur Park

With the collection of dinosaur cubs, the Park, already considered the largest of its kind in Italy, is turning to new aspects concerning the life of the beings who lived unchallenged during prehistoric times. This topic therefore enters the didactic narrative and opens new reflections on the relationship of these species with those that have come down to the present day

  The Dinosaur Park was the first in Sardinia to offer a path populated by reproductions which, thanks to sophisticated animatronic techniques are able to move, breathe, observe, roar … in short, live! The opportunity therefore to be able to retrace the scenarios of 250 million years ago to discover these incredible prehistoric giants, the most mysterious and fascinating animals in the history of evolution reproduced on a natural scale and with scientific rigor thanks to the advice & nbsp; of illustrious paleontologists. In a frame full of suggestions, we can admire the mighty bulk of the Apatosaurus with its 18 meters in length and gradually & nbsp; throughout an evolutionary span of 250 million years, the species that captured our curiosity up to the mighty and ferocious Tirannosaurus-rex also reproduced with life-size animatronic techniques, larger than a bus with the its 14 meters long and the 7 tons of weight that transformed it into absolute   in the most fearsome hunter of the Jurassic.

The area dedicated to the Ice Age is an integral part of the Dinosaur Park