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The large aquariums of the Nature Park

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The largest Animatronic Dinosaur Park in Italy

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Dinosaur Cubs

  2020 season news..

The Dinosaur Park is enriched with a new important collection of animatronic specimens. The puppies of the most important species   they will move among the vegetation which today is even richer and more faithful to the environment of origin.

Our family, like yours, grows …

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Family package

  • Sardinia in miniature Park
  • Reproduction of a nuragic village scale 1: 1
  • Botanical path “friend forest”
  • Playground
  • Boat ride around Sardinia in miniature
  • Train ride around the park
  • Guided visit to the museum of astronomy and projection of the Planetarium
  • Guided visit to the new Nature Park with the BIOSPHERE and the Aquarium
  • Visit to the parrot aviary
  • Visit to the Dinosaur Park with the new Ice Age route

School 2020

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Animatronic Dinosaur Park

The biggest

Our Dinosaur Park with the adjoining Ice Age area is now the largest collection in Italy. Traveling through the typical vegetation of the time makes it a unique experience.

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