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Special mid-August    leggi tutto

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Miniature Park

Digital Planetarium

Astronomy Museum

Nature Park


Nuragic Pavillion

Botanical Trail

Educational courses




Close your eyes and try to imagine to spend an entire day with us, imagine to be able to walk through the entire island in just few minutes, to travel back to the history of Iron Age and to walk through a Nuragic Village. Than try to go back in time into the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs where the dominant animals on the earth. Otherwise try to imagine yourself into the deep space walking through stars and planets. Include all that into a fantastic natural frame full of smells of the Mediterranean scrub. Add to all this the services that we offer as the restaurant where you can taste typical Sardinian food like our pasta, roast meat, lamb seasoned with myrtle liqueur and our typical sweets as sebadas.

Now open your eyes, you are in Sardegna in Miniatura Park, as if by magic, reality and fantasy melt together, turning our journey into an unforgettable experience.